The Quincho is ready for Concrete

The Quincho is ready for Concrete

Here’s a photo of how the yard looks now. The steel supports are for the Arbor columns that will be built using cement blocks and stucco. The Main BBQ (Pizza Oven and Parrilla) will be on the left side of the picture.


About The Quincho Project

Dedicated to the pursuit of all forms of live fire cooking and the thoughtful prose it evokes. Whether prodding at a dying fire, patiently waiting on a perfect steak or simply contemplating a thin blue curl of smoke - I am truly at peace.
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3 Responses to The Quincho is ready for Concrete

  1. Just poking around some of your old archives, like I sometimes do. I’m quite glad you went through the effort to chronicle the build of your Quincho. It is much fun, of course, to peruse your entries, and watch the project as it grows. It’s a kind of vicarious thrill, I guess. Hope you’re able to put it good use this summer!

    Take care,

    • Good of you to check in, always interested to see what you are up to. This whole blog effort started because I didn’t want to loose the pictures of the construction, then it turned into a diary. Hopefully my scribblings improved along the way as an unexpected benefit. I sure have enjoyed it and seeing all the other cyber goings-on. Thanks!

      • Like wise, Mr Quincho. You know, I’m starting to think that blogging might not be too bad of a way archive old photos and prose. Hard drives fail. Pictures fade. We lose things. But as long as the internet keeps working, maybe so to will your pictures and text be preserved. I dunno. At any rate, indeed, your scribblings, I’ve always thought anyways, were highly readable. Very tight, astute prose as good as any one’s. A bonus gift on top of your enviable, Quincho lifestyle. I’ve long enjoyed your blog.


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