Playing with Blocks

The Quincho Project is in high gear now.  Masonry has been here 2 days this week and we already have the layout of the grill and pizza oven taking shape.  We picked the tile for the back splash (6″ x 24″ interlocking stone tile) on the back counter.  It will have LV lights under the cap and plenty of electrical outlets.  Today the mason should actually begin the internals of the pizza oven since he started unpacking it in the garage this morning.

The pizza oven, counters and Grill are taking shape quickly

Here’s what the tile on the back splash will look like.  It’s “Copper” from Stone Universe.

Copper pattern from Stone Universe


About The Quincho Project

Dedicated to the pursuit of all forms of live fire cooking and the thoughtful prose it evokes. Whether prodding at a dying fire, patiently waiting on a perfect steak or simply contemplating a thin blue curl of smoke - I am truly at peace.
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