Mugnaini Wood Fired Pizza Ovens


I researched these pretty hard, and not only were these guys local (they are in Hollister), they are installed quite a few of restaurants I know.  They make three sizes, a small one, a medium one and a large one.  I opted for the small since they are pretty big and the backyard install I had in mind wouldn’t fit anything bigger.

The company is run by Andrea Mugnaini, a wood cooking expert.  She also offers several formats of classes and wrote a book, “The Art of Wood Fired Cooking”.  The instructions make something complex quite accessible and fun.  The folks on the phone are extremely helpful and can answer all of your questions.  This is one vendor I’d go with again given the choice.  They ship within a day.  These things are massive, so have a spot ready when it comes – they weigh in at about 400 pounds.



3 Responses to Mugnaini Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

  1. Pilon says:

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