NorCal Oven Works


If you are looking for an exotic grill (and in my case it was the Argentine grill) Gary and his crew at Norcal Ovenworks are a pretty good place to start.  They are friendly and will take the time to talk to you about your project on the phone.  They fabricate their own stuff, so custom sizes and modifications are not a problem.  If you check the site, you’ll see all sorts of types of South American inspired grills and you might get some neat ideas.

Gary builds to order and will ship right to your door.  These are steel grills (pretty authentic) and should be coated with vegetable oil to keep them looking and cooking their best.  You don’t want any rust happening on your baby.

If live fire is your thing and you want something to drool over have a look at and be amazed.  These things are not cheap mind you, and anything custom is bound to cost a kings ransom.


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