Sonos Music Systems


I use Sonos to drive my whole house and bought an extra box for the Quincho.  They are SUPER easy to install, the iPad or iPhone is used as a controller, it sees all the music on all your computers in the house and easily connects to the internet for Pandora and other online services.  I’m totally sold on this system.  Software updates are self installed.

Each “box” hooks to the internet via an ethernet cable and is controlled remotely by an app on your computer or smart device.  There posts on the back for running two sets of speakers on the amplified version, and a basic output on the unamplified one – I have two amped boxes and one unamped box that I hooked up as an input source on my surround sound.  All of the boxes talk to one another wirelessly so they are all in sync – or you can ungroup them to play different music sources.  Installation is a snap.


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